Friday, January 1, 2010

A year in the life.

2009 has been a year. That's the only way to say it. Imagine all the things that cause stress, break people down, build people back up... I've been there with almost all of them. I'm not one to back down, lose hope or admit defeat but in 2009, I've had my moments.

Sitting at home for New Year's Eve, I resolved that on January 1, 2010 - enough was enough. This is my year to... try new things, get out there, get back on track. Who know where this year will lead to but the adventure's half the fun.

With this blog I am hoping to commit myself to making the most of 2010. It may be as mundane as my new goal to try to cook more adventurous meals or as exciting as doing more personal travel or even register myself in that 10K marathon I've been thinking about for years. I also hope I'll commit myself to doing more baking for my part-time business, Tortes by Trina... get more involved in my other new creative outlet photography, and perhaps even meet some new people along the way (I know... scary, scary!).

It'll be a journey, I'm sure... I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!

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